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Framing Mathematics as a Foundation for Ethical STEM

April 2023 (virtual kickoff meeting) and June 7th-9th 2023 (in-person workshop, Washington, DC)  Deadline to apply: February 10th 2023 Apply here  Organizing Committee: Victor Piercey, Catherine Buell, Rochelle Tractenberg We seek instructors of math courses (e.g., Calculus, Differential Equations, Linear Algebra) in higher education contexts, to participate in a 3-year NSF-funded project to explore new…

Lessons from COVID-19: Equity in the Mathematics Classroom

Guest blogger, Erin Griesenauer (Eckerd College), shares how the COVID-19 pandemic led her to think about how to teach ethically and equitably, whether during a crisis or otherwise. As I consider the interface between mathematics and ethics, one of the largest questions is what it means to teach mathematics in an ethical way. When I…

Welcome to the Ethical Math Blog!

Welcome to the blog for the website!  For our first entry, we thought we would share our hopes for the website, and for the blog. In April, 2018, we attended the first Ethics in Mathematics conference at Cambridge University. This conference was inspired by recent events and scandals involving the use and processing of…

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